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  • Directions

    • You can’t get any closer than us! The CAB20 and Hauptbahnhof/ZOB are just 550 metres or a 7-minute walk apart. This means the most efficient means of transport to get from there to us, are your feet! If you still need help with transport, please contact our cabin crew or catch a ride in a taxi: A cab to our cab costs around 5 Euros.

    • Getting to the CAB20 with public transport? Not a problem either. The main train station is also the closest stop for numerous U- / S-Bahn lines and bus connections. These all conveniently lead from all directions to the CAB20, the ideal place to start your discovery tour through Hamburg and its surrounds!

    • Flying into the CAB20 is easy too. On the S1 it only takes about 25 minutes to get from the airport to the main train station. From there, continue as described above.

    • Flexible and independent? Travelling by car?
      A1 and A24: From the west of Germany the A1 leads directly to Hamburg, from Berlin you can use the A24. At the Horner roundabout take the Sievekingsallee exit and follow the signs to “Centrum”. Use one of the 2 right lanes to turn onto the B75 (Wallstraße). After a while turn left onto Lübeckertordamm, then right onto Danziger Straße and left again into the first cross street. Mission accomplished!

      A7: The A7 leads from the south of Germany through the middle of the country, past Hamburg. From the Dreieck Horster motorway junction follow the signs towards Lübeck / Berlin / Hamburg and then keep left to continue on the A255 towards HH-Centrum / HH-Veddel / B75. Then follow the B75 to Lübeckerdamm. From there, continue as described above.

      PARKING: There are a few choices to park your car in close proximity to the CAB20. For the safest options, we recommend either the multi-storey car park at the Hansa-Theatre or Am Hauptbahnhof. Both are only a 4-minute walk from the CAB20!