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Why check-in when you can also Cab-In?

Do your own thing and still don't be alone! Space in the CAB20 is not a question of size, but of style! Instead of boring hotel rooms, the new hotel in Hamburg offers you smart cabins where private comfort meets functional design. Casual, cool and guaranteed stylish.

Comfortable queen-size bed, free high-speed WIFI, clever storage systems, wireless charging for all your devices and Bluetooth speakers with which you can turn up your own personal sound. All of this is soundproofed, so your neighbor can dream of his next adventure while you plan your next highlight!

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Undisturbed by the warbling of a shower? Work-out instead of long waits in the morning? Our spacious shower cubicles are purely private and against boredom, punching bag, gym horse and ballet bar are waiting for you in the vintage fitness area!