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Germany's first Cabin Hotel



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We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • All you Need

    Less is more! That's why we focus on the essentials at CAB20 and offer you what really counts!

  • First Cabin Hotel in Germany

    CAB20 is Germany's first Cabin Hotel: casual like a hostel, comfortable, stylish and private like a hotel. #AllUNeed

  • Central in Hamburg

    In the middle of Sankt Georg. In the middle of Hamburg. Everything around the corner! Central station: 5 min, Alster: 7 min, Hafen City: 10 min, St. Pauli: 18 min.

  • Soundproof cabins

    Soundproof cabins so you can sleep soundly while your neighbor gets in the mood for the next party with our integrated Bluetooth speakers.

  • 100% Privat!

    Only you decide who comes to your cabin. With us you can lock the door behind you and be safe for yourself alone!

  • Privacy while showering!

    Private comfort not only in the cabin, but also in the shower! In our lockable Shower Cabins you do your own thing!

  • Top or bottom? You decide!

    Our cabins come in a double pack, but still each have a separate entrance. You decide at the CAB-in if you prefer to sleep upstairs or downstairs.

  • Bluetooth speaker in each cabin

    To ensure you can easily crank up your own music or fall asleep to a podcast, we've included Bluetooth speakers in every Cabin!

  • Queen size Beds

    In our double cabin you get maximum comfort with the 1.60m queen size bed. For two or just for yourself!

  • Luggage Rack in the cabin

    With our clever storage system in the cabins, your luggage is guaranteed not to get in the way and you keep the optimal overview.

  • Mirror for styling in the cabin

    Beauty moments in the cabin! Neither for make-up nor for the outfit check you have to leave your nest.

  • Community Spaces

    Whether bar or rooftop lounge. At CAB20 you have room to connect, network and relax. Meet other travelers, become part of the community!

  • Wireless Charger in the Cabin

    Thanks to the USB & Wireless Charger your smartphone and all devices get guaranteed nostop the full charge!

  • Free high-speed Wifi

    Free high-speed internet is available throughout the hotel and in all cabins.

  • Digital, fast cab-in with wristband

    With the digital wristband, you arrive at the hotel 24/7 without detours and pay cashless at the bar and all vending machines. This turns check-in into a cab-in in the blink of an eye!

  • Roof top terrace to relax on

    Our roof terrace is available around the clock! Here you can drink a cold beer high above the roofs of the Hanseatic city, sunbathe and relax at the end of the day.

  • Bar open around the clock

    No matter if you are hungry or thirsty! Our bar is there for you 24/7. Besides the breakfast box in the morning, you can get snacks and drinks to your taste around the clock.

  • 20210615 Cab20 503 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 1029 Pano Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 496 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 417 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 486 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 373 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 423 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 405 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 391 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 475 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 467 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 440 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 1018 Sr 2500
  • CAB20 - neues Cabin Hotel in Hamburg St. Georg


Space in the CAB20 is not a question of size, but of style! Instead of boring hotel rooms, the new hotel in Hamburg offers you smart cabins where private comfort meets functional design. Casual, cool and guaranteed stylish.

from 35,- per night
  • 20210615 Cab20 823 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 720 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 727 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 697 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 680 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 677 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 694 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 691 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 688 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 786 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 752 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 915 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 920 Sr 2500


Undisturbed by the warbling of a shower? Work-out instead of long waits in the morning? Our spacious shower cubicles are purely private and against boredom, punching bag, gym horse and ballet bar are waiting for you in the vintage fitness area!

  • 20210615 Cab20 1045 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 566 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 546 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 934 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 674 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 577 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 928 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 584 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 927 Sr 2500

behind the bar or in front - pre drinks with style!

Trendy bars, restaurants, nightclubs: everything is a hop, skip and a jump away. But the best place to hang is still at home: at CAB20 with you on one side of the bar and us on the other! Get your pre-drinks on in style at our bar, then kick on to catch the local nightlife! We bring the ingredients, you bring the fun!


Right in the center of Hamburg

CAB20 is at home in St. Georg, five minutes from the main train station and just a few steps to Lange Reihe, Hamburg's famous trendy street with cool bars, restaurants and stores. You can't stay more central than this!

  • 20210615 Cab20 049 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 003 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 005 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 006 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 031 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 009 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 071 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 090 Sr 2500
  • 20210615 Cab20 104 Sr 2500

Your Community. Your Rooftop.

We’ll go one better and climb up onto that roof with you. End the day in our rooftop lounge. Enjoy the view over the Hanseatic city, lean back and connect with other travellers!


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What else? We’ve put together a list of the most important questions about the CAB20 to help you out. If anything is still unclear, feel free to contact us at any time.

Further questions
  • Absolutely! Unless you’re Sultan Kosen.

  • Our central bathroom area in the basement features individual lockable cabins that are bricked to the floor, guaranteeing privacy while showering. They also include a sink and hair dryer. And to make waiting for friends as entertaining as possible, you can work out in the fitness area just across from the bathroom, complete with punching bags or pull-up bars.

  • Our cabins are automatically assigned, but we do our best to satisfy your wishes.

  • With us, each cabin has its own air supply. There are also Bluetooth speakers for your music in the cabin. Apart from that you will find everything you need for a nice trip in Hamburg in our cabins, towel, bathrobe, a wireless charging station for your smartphone and of course a cuddly bed.

CAB20 in a nutshell...

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